Robert Downey Jr may have gotten his life together, but he’s still a wild card with a live microphone in his hand. He must be a nightmare for the guy who runs the seven second delay button. That poor bastard’s probably too nervous to blink out of fear Iron Man will tell one of his numerous personal anecdotes heavy on drug use, one night stands and other adult themes, but on Friday night, the wild card used the podium for a very different and unexpected topic.

It all went down at the American Cinematheque gala. Downey Jr was being honored, and he was introduced by Mel Gibson. It’s no secret RDJ was a mess for much of the late 1980s. His erratic behavior and substance abuse burned nearly every bridge in Hollywood, but in 1990, Gibson decided the former Saturday Night Live actor deserved another chance. He hired him, and Downey has always credited that moment as one of the most pivotal in his career. So, when he walked on stage yesterday, he used the opportunity to return the favor.

According to E!, Downey Jr implored the audience inside the Hilton ballroom to forgive Mel and give him another chance.
"Unless you are without sin—and if you are, you are in the wrong fucking industry—you should forgive him and let him work again."

The Braveheart star’s problems have been well documented over the past few years. Several bigoted and anti-Semitic rants happened, as well as a very public and very embarrassing divorce filled with awful allegations. Out of nowhere, the actor went from being an A-list star to a joke with problems finding work. Recently, he announced a new massive project about hero Judah Maccabee, but even that attempted apology to the Jewish people was largely met with disdain.

So, I ask you, should we follow Downey Jr’s example and forgive Mel Gibson, or is it still too soon? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Is It Time To Forgive Mel Gibson?

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