After being convicted of involuntary manslaughter regarding Michael Jackson's 2009 death, Dr. Conrad Murray has officially been given his sentence, and I’m certain it was not what he was initially hoping for. Thanks to prison overcrowding it likely won't be as bad as it could have been, but Dr. Conrad Murray was still given a full sentence term.

Which means the man will serve four years for giving singer Michael Jackson copious amounts of propofol. But here’s where the overcrowding in California prisons comes back in. Because of a new law, Dr. Conrad Murray will live out his next few years in county jail rather than in the California state prison system. The law even has a provision that could cut Murray’s sentence in half. Although it is certainly bad news to be given a full sentence, Murray should be on his knees thanking anyone and everyone he won’t be spending time in state prison. At the end of the day, Murray isn’t a hardened criminal, he’s just a bad person.

A date was also set today to determine how much Dr. Conrad Murray will have to pay to Jackson’s estate. According to The New York Times, prosecutors were hoping for $100,000 from the man. They’ve since backed off a bit, admitting Dr. Conrad Murray would be unable to pay such a high amount. The hearing is set for January. Pop Blend will keep you posted on further details.

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