Fans of Dr. Phil believe in the doc's ability to take on our biggest problems and stop the emotional bleeding, in under an hour no less. Emboldened by the power of the almighty Oprah, he's gone on to become a TV icon. One would assume his will and way would roll where and when he rolled it, even if he wanted to create a monster of a reality TV show. Well...we all know what happens when we assume.

Big Phil's company had purchased a house in the Wilshire district of L.A. Sowing wires and a multitude of cameras into the structure, it was transformed into a "video village". He then hand-picked new guests for the reality domicile, calling tragedy for references. Ailing addicts and rebel racists, among other tortured people, became the friendly next-door neighbors. Meanwhile, while the troubled bubbled, Dr. Phil's personal production company, 'Peteski Productions', captured the foam for his audience.

‘’ reports the scene became a potpourri of screaming malcontents being followed around by a TV crew that broke numerous parking and filming violations, not to mention self-appointed hedge-cutting, wire-draping and all-around rude behavior. The desperate housewives, husbands and locals decided enough was enough. After a slew of complaints to city officials and enforcement officers, 'FilmLA', the agency that processes all permits for shooting TV shows and movies, has been instructed not to issue future permits for the doctor's study in social skullduggery.

No word on whether the Oprah will hurl lightening at those who scoff at her minion.

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