The Duggar Family has had a devastating week. After finding out her unborn twentieth child no longer had a heartbeat, mother Michelle Duggar ended up in the hospital with various complications. She’s fine now, and to the family’s credit, the Duggar’s have trucked forward with fortitude, finding time for a memorial service and naming the little girl.

Michelle Duggar won’t be returning home from the hospital until Monday; so, the memorial service for little Jubilee Shalom Duggar has been set for Wednesday, December 14. According to People, the ceremony will be held for various friends and family members who were unable to attend a small, private service held in the Duggar’s home Sunday. Because the service won't be massive, the Duggars would also like to thank fans for their support.
"We would like to thank everyone for their prayers, emails and outpouring of love. As our whole family is grieving, we also know that God promises to work all things for good in our lives. Our prayer is that Jubilee's passing will help us all realize that this life is short, and our relationship with Jesus is the most important thing.”

Whether or not you watch the Duggar program, 19 Kids and Counting, or believe Jim Bob and Michelle have made the right decision by continuing to produce children in their forties, it is one of the hardest things ever to deal with losing a child. Especially via learning your child has lost his or her heartbeat and must be miscarried. In this matter, the Duggars certainly deserve our respect as well as a little bit of privacy, reality TV or no. Pop Blend’s heart goes out to the Duggars in this difficult time.

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