The original title of their TLC show was 18 Kids and Counting, so nobody can really claim to be surprised that the Duggar Family is expecting… again. On the Today show this morning Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, both fully into their 50s, are expecting a 20th chid, with Michelle three and a half months into her pregnancy. As befits this very religious family, Michelle chalked it all up to divine intervention: “I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful."

The fact that their youngest child Josie was born prematurely at 25 weeks, or that mothers in their 40s are many, many times more likely to encounter complications in their pregnancy, does not seem to put a damper on the Duggars and their joy. Maybe it's because for the first time Michelle will give birth through Caesarean section-- not to get too graphic, but certain parts of her body must be completely worn out after giving birth to 19 kids. With the show in its 9th season, a new kid pretty much guarantees they'll make it to a 10th, and who knows how much further from there. After all, TV money buys a lot of diapers.

It's easy to extrapolate the Duggars and their choices into some kind of comment on modern society, the way everyone has been doing with Kim Kardashian for the last few weeks. And, sure, in a world threatened by overpopulation, crowded with 7 billion people and only growing, the Duggars and their insane brood of children set a very strange example, probably inspiring the rest of the world to blame the overpopulation problem on us. But in the same way I can't really judge the choices of people who choose to work on a cattle ranch, or breed show ponies, or have careers as Hollywood agents or live in Dallas, I have no energy to pick on the Duggars for their choices. Mostly I just wonder how they'll come up with another J-name for the new baby.

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