In a pathetic display of toughing it out, The Nutty Professor star Eddie Murphy and his wife, producer Tracey Edmonds, have split after a puny two weeks of not so blissful matrimony. It’s because of this kind of shit that the Catholic Church refused to grant Henry VIII a divorce. They would have rather seen Catherine Of Aragon dead than dumbass grooms give up on the Holy Covenant fourteen days later.

According to Reuters, the wedding took place on New Years Day in Bora Bora and ended sometime earlier this week. Murphy probably decided he didn’t want to pay child support for a seventh child after this marriage crumpled. Let’s be honest, no one expected them to last as long as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, but even K-Fed and Britney Spears gave it a more serious go than this. Shame on Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds.

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