reports that Eddie Murphy has knocked up a Spice Girl! Yes that Eddie Murphy. Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown is reportedly four months pregnant. When the hell did they start going out? Further more the two are so in love they are rumored to be getting married next month. Because you know how those rushed celeb weddings go.

She already has another kid, a seven year old daughter from a previous relationship. I'm sure no one will ever care about that. Melanie was overheard the other day and she fears it might be twins because there is a lot if doubles on Murphy's side of the family. But she clearly wasn't that shook up as she dropped close to $6,000 on a shopping spree.

Eddie Murphy just divorced his ex-wife Nicole in April. He has five children with her and a son from another previous relationship. With all that running around, if I were Melanie I'd be worried he'd leave be looking out for mother-of-his-child number four.

Look on the bright side Scary, if it don't work out just pop three more out and you can form Spice Girls 2.0.

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