Eleanor Mondale spent her teenage years being referred to, perhaps unfairly, as a wild-child by the press. While her father, the devoted public servant Walter Mondale, worked under Jimmy Carter as his Vice President, she caroused, had fun and made her way to Hollywood after graduating from high school. Almost immediately, she began dating Arnold Schwarzenegger and laying the groundwork for a career in journalism and television. Within a decade, she was co-hosting a morning show and appearing on Lifetime. Her two brothers grew up to be a CEO and an attorney, but something tells me she wouldn't have traded places with them for all the money in the world.

At various points in her career, Eleanor Mondale worked for ESPN, E!, CBS and NBC, but she may be best remembered for the special she co-hosted alongside Robin Leach on Madonna in 1993. Dressed to the nines and, as always, excited to be there, she sparkled on camera and brought a cheery infectiousness to Madonna Exposed. It was likely these same attributes that so thoroughly attracted the gazes of some of the country's brightest stars. In addition to Schwarzenegger, at various points in her life, Mondale dated brilliant musician Warren Zevon, television actor Jim Belushi and Bears offensive tackle Keith Van Horne. Monica Lewinsky once even ranted about all the attention President Clinton paid to Eleanor, forcing the host to issue a public statement denying anything transpired between her and Slick Willy.

In 2005, Mondale was diagnosed with a brain tumor. According to The New York Times, it returned in 2008. As a result, she was forced to leave her job at WCCO-AM and retire to her Minnesota home. Earlier today, she finally lost her battle. She was just fifty-one.

Pop Blend would like to send out its regards to the entire Mondale family as well as all those who enjoyed watching the talented host in action. Her father may not have envisioned having a daughter like Eleanor, but throughout her life, she brought a fierce determination and a youthful energy everywhere she went. I'm sure her father wouldn't have changed a thing.

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