Sometimes in college, outlandish and messy things happen that seem perfectly reasonable at the time. Friends date ex-girlfriends, boyfriends cheat with mutual friends and while arguments may happen, these fiascos are frequently written off. At some point though, all this trainwreck behavior ceases being normal and becomes flat out weird. I don't know exactly when that change happens, I suspect it's different for everyone, but I distinctly remember thinking a partner swap situation was hilarious when I was nineteen and thinking a similar ex-girlfriend screwing was horrifying when I was twenty-two. Let the record show Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren are still living in that college world.

In the last few days, reports have started circulating that Elin has been getting cozy with the son of a billionaire. His name is Jamie Dingman, and he works as a marketing executive. It all sounds reasonable enough apart from one detail. Dingman is the ex-boyfriend of former Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel. In fact, the two even lived together when the whole scandal first broke.

Perhaps even more shocking, TMZ is reporting it was one of Dingman's friends who first reported Tiger's infidelities to the media. Oh what a tangled web some weave.

Are you as blown away by this situation as I am? Can we call this a terrible life decision or is it too early to tell? Sound off in the poll below…

Is It Okay To Date The Ex-Boyfriend Of Your Ex-Husband's Mistress?

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