Elizabeth Berkley is re-launching herself as a self-help guru for teenage girls in an attempt to distance herself from the reputation she garnered for herself in the film Showgirls. While none of the girls she’ll be assisting have likely even heard of this film, Berkley is committed to help girls that struggle with self-esteem while ‘redeeming’ herself from the negative publicity she garnered… in 1995.

Berkley was “only” 21 when she stripped down for the silver screen and apparently the trauma was not successfully done away with for many years.

"I self-funded this one-woman operation, my life priority. It started small. Flying and staying in hotels for free... I needed to find my own worth and shake the image after having done Showgirls at age 21. Reclaiming self-esteem, going through it publicly, not privately, was the pivotal moment. And that's what set me on the path.

"But word of mouth, teacher to teacher, the Girl Scouts and chapters opening around the U.S. have since expanded this... I'm no expert standing at a podium giving speeches. I share heartbeats. Compassion. I create safe space for their journey. I explain these women can connect with one another."

The real play here? Berkley has a book deal that should come to fruition sooner rather than later. Until then, you can have your questions answered at ask-elizabeth.com.

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