In case you were wondering who to blame for the lack of a Bones premiere, his name is Henry Hornsby, and he's less than a day old. The first child of actress Emily Deschanel and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia actor David Hornsby, his impending existence originally came at the ire of Booth and Brennan enthusiasts after it was announced his mom's pregnancy would push the show back to midseason, but now that he's graced us with his adorable presence, something tells me most will give him a free pass.

It's been a good week for the Deschanel family. Zooey's new Fox comedy The New Girl debuted to better than expected ratings, and now older sister Emily has officially welcomed her first child into the fold. Henry was reportedly born without complications, and mother is also said to be doing well. According to People, Emily maintained a strict Vegan diet throughout her pregnancy, but there's no official word on what nutritional choices she plans to make for her son moving forward.

I must say, it is incredibly refreshing to write a celebrity baby announcement complete with a name I've actually heard before. Henry is a lovely handle, and I shouldn't have expected anything else from a woman who seems incredibly rational.

Pop Blend would like to send out its sincerest congratulations to David and Emily. I'm sure they'll both make wonderful parents. Here's to hoping mom can sneak away long enough to still give her fans twenty new episodes of Bones a season while still enjoying motherhood.

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