Rapper Eminem has forced himself to reduce his daily workouts - after becoming "obsessed" with running on a treadmill.

The Without Me hitmaker embarked on a new health kick to shed the extra pounds he gained while on a hiatus from his career. But he pushed himself so far, he had to take a break from his keep fit regime when he found himself clocking up 17 miles (27 kilometres) a day.

He says, "I've been running a lot, taking care of myself. A lot of cardio. I'm actually at the point where I think I've been a little obsessive compulsive about running on a treadmill. Yeah, it got up to four miles a day, then it got up to six, then I got up to 10, then I got up to 15, then I got up to 17, and I had to take a break. I eat healthy. Chicken breasts, things like that." (MT/WNWNSB/ZN)

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