I’ve lived through a lot of crazy, unexpected relationships. I saw Julia Roberts marry Lyle Lovett, Woody Allen take up with Mia Farrow’s daughter and the United States become butt buddies with Japan after Pearl Harbor. The ways of love are mysterious. I know this, but I still have to admit I am shocked by this new couple. It seems Emma Watson has taken a liking to and been photographed kissing Johnny Simmons. The latter half of that sentence probably doesn’t mean anything to you; so, let me restate. Hermione Granger has been making out with Young Neil from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Talk about swinging for the fences. Well played, Johnny.

Here’s how this whole thing reportedly went down. Watson and Simmons met on the set of Perks Of Being A Wallflower. She had a lead role as the film’s principal female Sam; he had a supporting part playing Brad. The two were later seen hiking together, but she denied there was any sort of romance going down. Lies! Then, earlier this week, paparazzi caught the pair again, this time kissing and then sharing a meal in Santa Monica. According to People, Watson is still aiming to spend the school year at Oxford; so, it seems likely this relationship could naturally run its course.

Even if it does, how happy must Johnny Simmons be with himself right now? Remember that scene in 500 Days Of Summer where Joseph Gordon-Levitt struts around town with the confidence of a man who just got somewhere with his dream girl? I guarantee he’s been living that out since the first time he kissed her.

In all fairness to Emma Watson, I’m sure she wasn’t duped here. Johnny Simmons is a pretty solid actor, and he’s probably a hell of a conversationalist. Still, I’m blown away. What do you think? Are you shocked by this couple? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Are You Shocked By This Couple?

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