HBO’s Entourage may not elicit the same obsessive devotion it once did, but with filming completed and the final season ready to air, the rags-to-riches dramedy is still creating more than its share of anticipation. Fans are very eager to see how it’ll all turn out for Vince and his buddies, but as for me personally, I’m more eager to see how it’ll turn out for Vince and his buddies professionally after the credits role.

Thus far, the long-running premium cable Hollywood send-up has dramatically changed the fates in one way or another of all five of its principal male actors, but as the show depicted, the stock of a movie star is an ever-evolving wave of crests and troughs. Three years ago, it looked like Jeremy Piven was going to be the next it actor, but a high profile Broadway exodus and some rumored personal issues later, he’s nowhere near the top of the heap. Nor is Kevin Connolly who parlayed the role of E into supporting parts in Secretariat and He’s Just Not That Into You but hasn’t done much recently. I was optimistic about Adrian Grenier for awhile, but he in no way rivals the stardom of his small screen counterpart. Kevin Dillon is currently on an upswing after landing a major role in a new CBS sitcom this fall called How To Be A Gentleman, and Jerry Ferrara is well, he’s off doing Turtle things. Is it possible Kevin Dillon will really put his castmates to shame?

So, all that begs the question, with Entourage ending, which one of its leads will have the longest and most luxurious career? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Who Will Have The Best Career?

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