Second pregnancy’s been a charm for Rebecca Gayheart and husband Eric Dane. The Grey’s Anatomy star and Dead Like Me actress have had smooth sailing during their latest nine month ordeal, with Gayheart stating she’s been able to focus on her young daughter, Billie, during this pregnancy and thus avoid stressing out about all of the little things that could possibly go wrong.

The strategy seemingly worked. After announcing the pregnancy back in July, Dane and Gayheart officially welcomed another baby girl into the world on December 28th. They named their little bundle of love Georgia Geraldine, which is a far cry from the more over-the-top titles celebrities often give their children. Good for them.

The actresses’ rep recently told People, the whole family is doing well and Dane has been busy at the end of the year, preparing the family’s home for little Georgia Geraldine.
"Both mom and baby girl are happy and healthy, Billie is thrilled to be a big sister, and dad is getting ready to live in a house full of ladies!"

Though it probably will be a little hectic having two little girls under the age of two at home at once, Gayheart seems up for the challenge. It’ll be good practice, too. If she can handle them now, she’ll certainly be able to handle them when the girls hit that terrible middle school stage around the same time. Pop Blend wishes the best to the happy, female-oriented family in the future.

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