Scottish movie star EWAN McGREGOR will always have fond memories of make-up sessions on the set of arty 1996 film THE PILLOW BOOK - because a calligraphy expert would paint his penis as he chatted to his girlfriend on the phone. The actor bared all in the cult PETER GREENAWAY film and even simulated sex with an old Japanese man but it was scenes where his naked character was used as a canvas by an artist that thrilled McGregor.

While many stars complain about hours spent in the make-up trailer, McGregor couldn't wait for his naked calligraphy sessions. He recalls, "Every morning I would come in at 4am and lie between these heaters, and I would be painted, and it was such a lovely feeling. This little Japanese woman did (painted) my entire body. "I would fall asleep while she was doing my front, and each morning I would have to call my girlfriend while she was doing it, because of the time difference, and whenever that happened she would do my penis. "She waited and waited until I was on the phone with her and then did my penis quickly. It was a nice touch."

The sessions worked wonders on his long-distance romance - McGregor is now married to the girlfriend on the phone, French make-up artist EVE MAVRAKIS, and the couple have three kids.

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