Forty years ago, a man calling himself Dan Cooper boarded a plane bound for Seattle. He was dressed like a Bible salesman and blended in completely with the other passengers. Smoking a cigarette and sipping a Bourban, the unassuming man motioned for the flight attendant and handed her a note saying he was carrying a bomb and would exchange thirty-six of his fellow passengers for two hundred thousand dollars. The plane landed, refueled and took off for Reno with the crew, the money and four parachutes. Somewhere over the dense forest just north of Portland, Cooper opened the backdoor and skydived into the night. His body was never found, fueling rampant speculation he escaped. Now, after dozens of books, false confessions and wild conspiracy theories, the FBI is investigating a new lead that could finally solve the mystery.

According to The Seattle Times, the new suspect, yet to be identified, died of natural causes ten years ago; however, there are plenty of pieces of circumstantial evidence that have drawn the FBI's attention, most specifically a curious auto accident he reported in 1971 right after the incident, possibly to explain away his injuries. The deceased man's family is reportedly working closely with the FBI to turn over personal items which could potentially contain the fingerprints or DNA needed to generate a clear answer.

To this day, the only trace of DB Cooper that has ever been found is six thousand dollars of the ransom money, a paltry sum when compared against the whole of the loot. Still, the case continues to live on in popular lore. It's the only unsolved plane hijacking in the history of the United States, and references have popped up everywhere from Kid Rock lyrics to the Seth Green comedy Without A Paddle.

Do you think DB Cooper survived his jump and made off with a fortune, or do you think he died forty years ago and this just another strange twist in the investigation that's had over one thousand suspects? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Do You Think DB Cooper Survived The Jump?

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