The mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child should be given credit where it’s due; she was able to keep her mouth shut for a long time. Mildred Baena’s estranged husband, whom she was married to at the time of her affair with the ex-governor, has told Entertainment Tonight that he had no idea the child was not his own. The affair, which took place around 15 years ago (long before he was involved in politics, but a couple of years into the Shriver marriage), became worldwide news last week when it was revealed as the reason for Shriver’s departure from the Schwarzenegger home.

Rogelio Baena also told Entertainment Tonight that he will always regard the boy as his own, despite not being biologically related to the child. No surprises there, but this story is a testament to Mildred’s ability to stay silent. Keeping something like this to yourself must be extremely difficult while going through a situation in which it could be used as easy ammunition to take down an ex-spouse. Schwarzenegger’s film career is still said to be on hold, and only time will tell how long the bodybuilder turned actor turned politician turned actor again will have to wait before he can return to the film business.

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