The gorgeous Leslie Feist is an intricate part of the ensemble orchestral post-rock group Broken Social Scene. Among the indie scene, this “supergroup” has a large tie among most of the more prevalent independent groups. The twenty plus members of the band are included in numerous other projects, all of which are stand alone endeavors that make sense towards the unique sound that Broken Social Scene has. Because each member of the group adds their own individual sounds from their own projects, the group's ever expanding lush scoundscapes are as epic as ever.

Feist’s singular voice amongst the group is an extreme addition and her attempt at a solo career has been quite fruitful. Starting off with her little heard record Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down), she then went on to create, for some, two of the most popular indie records to date on Let It Die and The Reminder. After the release of her ladder effort in 2007, the Canadian singer-songwriter spent time touring with her side group Social Scene. Now that she's finished with that jaunt, it is finally time for her to create another highly anticipated record.

Just released by Pitchfork, the music website explains that Fiest is planning to release a new album via Cherrytree/Interscope records, which will be called Metals. The newest effort from this indie starlet was recorded in Toronto and Big Sur, California with her longtime collaborators Chilly Gonzales and Mocky. The great thing for me is that Bjork will act as her producer. The album will feature twelve tracks, with five song titles released complimentary of Spin: “Anti-Pioneer,” “The Undiscovered First,” “Woe Be,” “Cicadas and Gulls” and “Comfort Me.”

Even though I enjoy her work on Broken Social Scene, much more than her solo work, her impact is still a prominent part of the indie scene. There is enough said when most famous indie groups have certain members go off and do inferior solo projects, *cough* Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst) *cough*, but when those select musicians who can actually create work similarly brilliant to their main project, it’s a great change in pace for those artists. Feist is one of them, so I’ll endorse anything that can compete with the brilliance of Broken Social Scene.

Check out Feist working in the studio with Chilly Gonzales, Mocky and Bjork overlaid on samples of her newest tracks:

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