By now you’ve probably seen the genius short video in which Will Ferrell is shaken down for money by a pint-sized landlord. The landlord is played, hilariously, by his toddler daughter Pearl. As there is any time someone does something exceptional, there’s been some fallout since the video’s online debut from people trying to pull will down by claiming he’s abusing his daughter by having her hold beer bottles and parrot filthy dialogue. Losers love to tear down the exceptional.

The truth is, it’s genius, and the kid has no idea what she’s doing. On the contrary, she’s just having fun with her Dad, and would could be better for her than that?

As if to give all those naysayers the middle finger, Ferrell has just posted a brand new, hilarious video with his daughter. In this one, entitled “Good Cop, Baby Cop”, Will plays a criminal being interrogated while Pearl and her partner use the good cop, bad cop routine on him. At one point, Pearl is forced to get a little physical. Click the embed below and laugh at the latest and greatest short from Ferrell:

And just in case you didn’t see the original video, watch it here:

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