America knows Donald Trump is not running for president. When this news came out, a sigh of relief was heard throughout the country. There's still one issue though, nobody knows exactly why he turned down his chance to be Obama’s successor.

Filmmaker Anthony Baxter takes credit for this. In his expose documentary titled You’ve Been Trumped, Baxter explores The Apprentice star’s career, and the nature of how Trump gains land ownership. A pivotal argument of Baxter’s film is made when he explains Trump’s plan to bulldoze an area in Scotland for a golf course.

The film portrays The Donald as a bully, making shady business transactions and attempting to build a golf course for his own fiscal reasons without consent from the locals. On Monday, we attempted to anaylze the possible reasons this business mogul would have dropped out of the race. We don't know the half of it.

Baxter believes he influenced Trump’s decision to drop out, saying the mogul would have been greatly scrutinized for his sketchy ways of business. The filmmaker explains:
The Donald Trump we saw in the making of this film is not the man Americans see on The Apprentice... I do think Mr. Trump realised he would be under severe scrutiny if he actually ran for president, and our film had become part of that dialogue. If our film has played even a small part in Mr. Trump's decision, then I think it's a credit to those who have been questioning the assumptions around the development.

Here is the trailer for You’ve Been Trumped, now appearing at the Cannes Film Festival this week:

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