3. Curved Display Is In
Another big rumor that's being shot down like Dick Cheney's friend on a hunting trip – is curved displays for the iPhone 6. This is probably one of the more controversial and most talked about features for the iPhone 6 because a curved display – featuring the ability access features from the sides and back of the phone– curated a lot more negative criticisms than positive ones from consumers. A lot of people feel that having an all-the-way-around touch screen on the sides and back of the handset is a recipe for disaster. That's not to mention that butt-dialing becomes a three-dimensional nightmare, where-as before it was just a single-dimensional nightmare. Another problem is that you would have to worry about smudges and scratches on more than just one side of the iPhone screen. It would also seem a little ridiculous trying to fiddle with controls while trying to touch the sides of the phone instead of the front face of the screen.

The curved screen display gained traction from analysts (as usual) and a lot of concept videos from enthusiastic iPhone artists. Some of them thought it would be really cool if users no longer had to worry about buttons, but instead could simply modify settings and features of the phone by tapping touch-sensitive sides of the phone. In some literal interpretations, artists actually put together curved iPhones that would probably be the bane of your butt whenever you would go to sit down. Times of India kind of put a damper on the curved-display rumors, as some analysts close to the manufacturing companies denied that Apple was seeking that route for the phone.

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