The O Music Awards aim to celebrate the best achievements in digital music-- which, the way things are going, will soon pretty much be all music. And while there are some obvious people who changed the way people create music with their computers, like the guy who invented the Moog synthesizer or the geniuses who produce Lady Gaga records, there might be one single person responsible for the fact that most of us actually pay for our music with our computers: Steve Jobs. The inventor of the iPod and the iTunes music store, among a billion other things that make our lives better, will be justly celebrated at the October 31 O Music Awards ceremony, and the Flaming Lips will be the band paying tribute.

The band's frontman Wayne Coyne is nominated for an award, but apparently the whole group will be on hand for the sole purpose of celebrating Jobs's life and work with a cover of "Revolution" by the Beatles. As if that weren't enough, the entire performance will be recorded on an iPad, and then presumably made available to the rest of us at some later date. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the iPad recording gimmick-- they're great and all, but not exactly the premier music recording devices of our time-- but otherwise this seems like a pretty fitting tribute to me. The best part is that The Flaming Lips sound pretty much nothing like The Beatles in terms of music style, which should make the cover all the more interesting. Check out this video for their song "I Can Be A Frog' to see what I mean, and look for their performance to make it online sometime next week.

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