If you’ve ever seen a Public Enemy concert or listened to their music, you know Flavor Flav and Chuck D are not fans of authority. Especially not the pigs, they hate the police with a frivolous passion. In what is sure to be the most ironic news story this week, Flavor Flav was arrested by Las Vegas police Friday night, sending him to jail for the weekend.

The arrest happened during a routine stop for a traffic violation, where the police officer involved found out that Flav had 4 separate warrants for his arrest. According to a twitter conversation TMZ.com had with Flavor Flav, he was innocently driving "home from Benihana's I got pulled over by a curious Rookie Ass Cop.” Rookie Ass cops beware, Flavor Flav doesn’t like being pulled over by you pigs.

The Public Enemy front man took to his twitter feed again to decry the whole situation to TMZ.com, stating that “he found out I had a traffic warrant wanted to make a name for himself took me in and now I'm home laying my bed what's the big deal?” The big deal, I believe, is that your tenor in rapping doesn’t make you above the law, sir.

Flavor Flav has gotten back into the spot light because of his rise to fame in the ridiculous show The Surreal Life and its subsequent spin-off’s. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I don’t understand why Flavor Flav is even as popular as he was. Don’t get me wrong, I am as much a fan of his music as anyone else, I even spent $40 to get Chuck D and Flavor to sign a Public Enemy comic book of mine at one of their concerts. Damnit. Maybe Public Enemy can put what I am thinking into words easier than I can “I’m the epitome- a Public Enemy. Used, abused without clues, I refused to blow a fuse. They even had it in the news. Don’t believe the hype."

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