Being a native Floridian for over 15 years, I know parts of the sunshine state that most of you have never seen or heard of. It’s funny, because Northerners think of Florida as warm sandy beaches, palm trees, beautiful women in bikinis, Miami and Casey Anthony. What most of you don’t realize though is that above Tampa, the rest of the state is an entirely different place. It resembles the worst parts of Georgia’s “redneck” culture and is filled with truckers, small towns and seedy strip clubs. If any of you have driven on Florida interstate 75, then you probably know of a little place called “Café’ Risqué.” A strip club that not only “bares all,” but also gives “trucker showers” for a price.

How do I know this? Well, since I’m a student at University of Florida and the strip club is ten miles outside of Gainesville, it’s in my face all the time. And apparently Dave Gorhl and the Foo Fighters know about it too, since the new music video for their song “Hot Buns” shows Grohl and gang exploring their “bromance” tendencies in what I can only assume are those aforementioned “trucker showers” from Café’ Risqué’. Check out the video below, and if it’s not “hot” enough for you, then the uncensored version can be found here. Enjoy!

Foo Fighters “Hot Buns”

What did you think of the video? The song is definitely in Foo Fighters signature style, but besides that, this video doesn't represent anything they’ve done before. The band is known for being silly, but this takes the cake for weird behavior. Though it is bizarre, I’m kind of glad that they took a leap of faith like this, with a video that goes utterly off the deep end. “Hot Buns” is a unique video that can generally be seen as odd, but I will stand by it, saying that Grohl’s redneck trucker shower is hilarious. To be perfectly honest, I’d rather have this than another music video of any band simply playing a concert.

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