There is perhaps no religious organization in the United States that stirs up more hate than the Westboro Baptist Church. For more than twenty years, Fred Phelps and his family have crisscrossed the country, picketing funerals, condemning homosexuality and spurring counter-protests. Not surprisingly, the tone at these demonstrations is frequently very hostile, but the atmosphere was uncharacteristically light on Friday night thanks to a healthy dose of Foo.

Late last month, the Westboro Baptist Church decided its members would picket this weekend’s Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City. Rather than an indictment of Dave Grohl and company themselves, the protest was more designed as a middle finger to the entertainment industry as a whole, which according to the church acts as a “microcosm of the people of this doomed nation.” No doubt, the Phelps family and its associates assumed the event would be rather routine, but there are very few ordinary things about the rock band who first made its mark parodying a Mentos commercial.

In preparation for the protests, the Foo Fighters rented a large flatbed truck and purchased fake moustaches. Then, without warning, they pulled up in front of the protesters, played “Keep It Clean”, delivered a speech about condoning all forms of love and drove off. It all took less than five minutes. Take a look at the video of the incident the Foos posted below…

And that, in a corncob pipe, is why the Foo Fighters are one of America’s most loveable bands. Everyone deals with controversy in his or her own way. Throughout the years, the members of the Foo Fighters have laughed, smiled and joked around about all the love and hate that have come their way. Other bands might have organized counter-protests or filed ordinances trying to prevent the Church from being there, but these loveable bastards just had fun with it. I believe in the First Amendment. I believe in the Westboro Baptist Church’s right to say whatever the hell it wants, but I also believe in the Foo Fighters right to make a farce out of its words.

Fighting hate with hate accomplishes nothing, but fighting hate with laughter at least makes for a good story.

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