My lack of love for George Lucas is no secret. I have nothing personal against the man who created some of my most favorite movies of all time. However, the way he has artistically and professionally raped his masterpieces for all their worth has really irked me and many folks around the world. Well, all that cash pumping has paid off. Darth Lucas landed pretty high on Forbes' list of the 400 richest people in the world and you might be surprised who he topped.

The list, which contains nothing but billionaires, saw quite a bit of shifting around this year. According to E! Online, Lucas came in at number 70 with an estimated net worth hovering around $3.6 billion. That total was helped out significantly by the critical financial success of Revenge of the Sith last year, when it grossed over $800 million around the globe for Lucas and his company. It's numbers like that which no doubt prompte Lucas to leave something of a legacy by dropping $175 million on USC's film department.

The man behind Star Wars beat out Steven Spielberg who came in at number 94 with $2.9 billion. Spielberg tied with Donald Trump. Of course, Trump balked at that claiming that he was closer to the $6 billion mark (talk about your inferioriy complexes).

For a little more context, consider Oprah who weighed in at $1.5 billion and number 242. Of course, no one in the entertainment industry has anything on those filthy rich techno geeks. Bill Gates is untouchable at number one with $53 billion.

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