If you want to read a snapshot of everything wrong with society, continue with this story. If you have a weak stomach for disgusting behavior or frivolous, unwarranted money grabs, go ahead and bail. Trust me when I say you'll want no part of this news.

Almost a year ago, Britney Spears' former bodyguard Fernando Flores filed a civil lawsuit against the pop singer for sexual harassment. Up until now, the details have been kept pretty close to the vest, but those slanderous and upsetting tidbits have finally emerged after the latest round of legal filings. Flores is claiming Spears repeatedly tried to bed him while he worked for her, but he wanted no part of these advances due to the singer's lack of grace and hygiene. Apparently, Spears went days without bathing or brushing her teeth. She asked employees call her the Queen Bee, walked around naked and was likely under the influence of numerous drugs.

There's no denying that's disgusting, but what's even more disgusting is a bodyguard airing his employer's dirty laundry in an attempt for monetary gain. We're not talking about a job working at the Target register. A bodyguard is paid to be around and protect the client. If he's unhappy with how that client lives, he should just stop working for her. It's as easy as that. She doesn't brush her teeth in the morning? Sick. Find a new job. She gets drunk and asks you to bed? Say no. Man up. Nowhere in this lawsuit does it say Spears repeatedly grabbed his penis or said he'd be fired if he didn't sleep with her. Obviously because it didn't happen.

This entire joke of a lawsuit honestly makes me feel bad for celebrities. According to The Sun, this asshole former bodyguard even complained in his brief about her breaking wind. Who does that? It might be classless to continually fart in front of employees, but it's even more classless to bring it up in a lawsuit.

I can't wait until a judge laughs Fernando Flores out of the courtroom.

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