Sure, I love a moderately-priced glass of Merlot with dinner or an informative exchange about modernist literature, but more than anything else, I love a good wrestling match. I’ll willingly admitted two He-Men punching each other in gaudy costumes is pretty much General Hospital for men, but come’on, we all need a least common denominator outlet. So, anyway, I love wrestling, and anyone who really loves wrestling worshiped ECW. Extreme Championship Wrestling was to wrestling what the Philadelphia Flyers were to the mid-70s NHL: angrier, more passionate, and more violent. And very few (Rob Van Dam and Sabu) were worshiped among ECW fans like The Sandman. He was a beer-chugging, rule-breaking son of a bitch who didn’t have respect for his own body. Unfortunately, ECW was eventually bought out by Microsoft or World Wrestling Entertainment, and there just wasn’t a place for The Sandman’s drunken antics. Oh how the moderately popular and self-destructive have fallen.

According to Newsday, James The Sandman Fullington was arrested and booked on felony second degree assault after getting a little too sauced and throwing glasses at the various employees of a New York restaurant. Police arrived a short time later, only to be pelted with more glasses. Hell hath no fury like a washed-up, intoxicated wrestler.

Most people would probably be shocked by this outburst, but slamming back a few Irish Car Bombs and starting shit is so in keeping with The Sandman I know and love, well, I can’t help but smile. Someone bail this man out of jail!

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