File this under I guess celebrities just want everyone to know what they do for fun. What former front man Sebastion Bach does for fun, is drugs. And I assume he wants everyone to know about it, because he's doing a terrible job of hiding it.

TMZ reports Bach was arrested for having a whooping 50 grams of cannabis on him, as well as paraphernalia at the time of his arrest. Does anybody actually need that much pot in their car?

Like most celebrities who get caught with drugs, this is not his first offense. Just 7 months ago, the rocker was arrested for assault and drug possession after a bar fight in Ontario, Canada in November.

When a celebrity insists on being reckless and irresponsible with their drug use, you've got to question their motivation. It's almost like they're asking to be caught. You never saw the late Hunter S. Thompson or George Carlin hauled off for drugs; and Woody Harrelson hasn't been arrested yet, has he? Do us all a favor celebs and either A. be responsible and stop doing drugs, or B. for the love of George Carlin, keep a lid on it.

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