Michael J. Fox stunned Back to the Future devotees at the weekend (25Apr09) when he showed up at a fan convention unannounced.

The actor flew to Los Angeles from New York for a week of promotional activities and discovered there was a fan convention dedicated to his time travel film a short drive away from his hotel.

He says, "Somebody told me there was a Back To The Future convention and then I heard that (co-star) Chris Lloyd was gonna be there and Lea Thompson, who I hadn't seen in years. They had asked me, I guess, before if I would go and I said no and then I heard Chris and Lea were gonna be there and I thought, 'I'll drop by for 10 minutes and say hello'. They didn't know I was coming. I was the only guy there who wasn't paid."

But he quickly realized his impromptu appearance at the convention was a bad idea: "I was naive - I thought I could go by, say hi."

Fox was mobbed by fans, dressed just like his character, Marty McFly: "I didn't know they still made those puffy vests... There were people there with the bad Guess jeans with the high waist... It was suspenders, the whole nine yards."

But he had a great time hooking up with old friends from the cast: "The clock tower lady was there - remember 'Save the clock tower.' And James Tolkan, who played Strickland, the principal. I took some pictures... and then I kinda went, 'OK, this seemed like a good idea at the time,' and left." (KL/WNVKIM/IG)

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