Rumors are circulating that Frances Bean, model and daughter of Kurt Cobain, has gotten engaged to her boyfriend Isaiah Silva. He’s the lead singer of the L.A.-based band Rambles. The group is hardly a household name at the moment, but if they’re good enough for the Nirvana lead singer’s child, maybe the rest of America will take a liking.

News of the engagement was first reported by OC Weekly. They cited a change in Facebook statuses as well as a few innuendo-laden messages as their evidence. The messages remain, but shortly after reports first emerged, the statuses were altered back A few hours later, People found a source to verify the impending marriage, but as of press time, neither Cobain nor Silva has spoken publicly about the reports.

Seeing as how she’s only nineteen, the (probable) engagement has raised a few eyebrows, but the couple has been together for more than a year. If they spend a year or so engaged, that’s a somewhat solid starting base and probably enough evidence to forecast chances for success.

Pop Blend sends out its congratulations to both Francis Bean and Isaiah Silva. May they each conquer their respective fields by each other’s side.

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