The debate about when a girl turns into a woman stretches as far back as society itself and will never be answered with any sort of clarity. Of course, we have rules and laws governing when it's okay for a girl to work, drink alcohol or consent to having sex, but these statutes don't deal with lesser issues like wearing make-up, kissing boys or presenting oneself as a sexual entity. Some young women are in a hurry to age, and others take their sweet time about it. I suppose that's only natural, but whenever that growing up falls outside the expected parameters, we tend to worry as a society.

That worry has struck a fevered pitch the past few days after the newest issue of French Vogue was unveiled featuring a ten year old model dolled up in earrings, make-up and heels. The Parisian girl in question is Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau, and those working in the industry have compared her to Brigitte Bardot. Whether that's high praise or highly insulting for a ten year old girl, I suppose, is the question at hand. Take a look at one of Thylane's pictures below…

I find this picture a bit sad and creepy. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, but it seems to me a woman has decades to wear pretty clothes but only a few short years to behave carelessly like a child. Once someone grows up, there's no turning back. The first day a woman worries, I mean truly worries, about what she looks like leaving the house is the end of childhood. Why be in a hurry to start that process?

According to ABC News, Blondeau has been modeling professionally for half her life. She reportedly had her first runway show at the age of five and hasn't looked back. A few of her other spreads include pictures of her without a top on, but I have no interest in seeing those, let alone linking you to them. I'm not sure if their existence makes me want to vomit or cry more.

For the record, her parents have willingly signed off on everything she's done. The law requires it. If I ever have a daughter, she will be playing soccer, singing that stupid Miss Mary Mack song and reading books when she's ten. Something tells me, one day when she's older and ready to have kids of her own, she'll appreciate those years when she fell in the mud and laughed about it.

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