Funnyman Jonah Hill has given up hope of a career in stand-up comedy - because his Funny People co-star Seth Rogen was much better at making live audiences laugh.

The pair made regular rounds at U.S. comedy clubs for six months to prepare for their roles in the upcoming film, opposite Adam Sandler. And Hill admits his dreams of becoming a regular stand-up were crushed by watching Rogen's comedy routine kill crowds with laughter while he got heckled on stage.

He says, "I never done stand-up comedy before... When they recognize you from a movie or something you get a free five minutes when they're excited to see you. And then after that if you suck, you just suck, which I did. I would go with Seth a lot, who was really good because he did stand up a lot when he was younger. And I don't think anything gives Seth Rogen more joy in the entire world - not the idea of love, or birds in the sky, or eternal happiness - more than him watching me tank on stage. He was the only laugh in the room at the time." (JMA/WNVCON/LR)

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