It has been two weeks since Gene Simmons was dropped from the Michael Jackson tribute concert on the grounds he once called The King of Pop a child molester. Luckily, that whole shenanigan is behind us, leaving plenty of room for some love in the air. If you watch Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, you know the KISS musician and partner Shannon Tweed got engaged at the end of the last season. They have been together for 28 years, but it still took a romantic setting in Belize for the Simmons to decide to pop the question.

Now, the sometimes happy couple has officially set a date. According to E!, the wedding will be October 1. I’m guessing Shannon Tweed was the party responsible for setting that date. If so, she’s a woman after my own heart. With fall you can do a lot of wine and leaf hues. Plus, it’s the only time you can use orange in wedding accent colors without looking totally classless.

The wedding will go down just three days before the new season of Family Jewels is set to air. I’m sure A&E has carefully calculated the date, considering the entire season will lead up to the wedding. Simmons and Tweed should have just enough time to honeymoon, before the wedding drama leaks to the public. That’s all semantics, though. If you are more into invitations and color schemes, check out what the couple passed along, below.

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