As we all fall to our knees, gaze at the skies and await the birth of The Most Perfect Baby Ever, George Clooney chews off his fingernails one by one.

'The Sun' magazine reports that George Clooney is desperate to find out whether Brad Pitt is going to star in the latest offering from the Ocean franchise: Ocean’s Thirteen. Clooney does not even know whether Brad will make it back in time to the US to start filming.

Pitt is of course also kneeling down and chanting prayers like the rest of the world in anticipation of The Most Perfect Baby Ever, except that he gets to do it in Namibia alongside Angelina Jolie.

Clooney is not the happiest of campers. "His best pal is out of the country and looking forward to being a dad for the first time. But the movie is only weeks away now. Instead of being there to work on the project, Brad is in the middle of Africa. People are worried that he will prefer to carry on being a dad rather than go back to work”, reports an associate of Clooney's.

Wow, such is the dazzling power of The Most Perfect Baby Ever that it might put its own father, allegedly the sexiest man alive, out of business. Somewhere Jennifer Aniston laughs demonically.

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