George Clooney is not running for president. He has no plans on running for president, and even if a situation presented itself, it’s unlikely he’d actively campaign for a nomination. That’s the message to take away from dozens of interviews the actor has done to promote his upcoming film Ides Of March. It seems bizarre that such a hypothetical would even have legs, but considering Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Franken and several others translated their movie appeal into major political careers, you just never know what offices the lives of celebrities might lead them into.

The Up In The Air star’s father took a run at a House Seat in the fourth district of Kentucky back in 2004, but the experience did not go so well and apparently left Clooney disenchanted. Plus, he’s pretty sure he’s got “the better gig” with his whole acting career. Here’s what he had to say to The Associated Press when the question of a White House run as posed directly…
"It would never be something I'm interested in. I'm not good at the kind of compromises that you have to make to get elected."

That answer coupled with Clooney’s irritation about his father’s campaign might leave you with the impression that he’s a bit of a pessimist, but he wouldn’t want you to believe anything of the sort. He later clarified that he thinks both sides of the aisle are filled with “caring, smart people” who are just having problems cooperating. I think many people share his sentiments.

Ides Of March opens on Friday, and Cinema Blend’s own Josh Tyler gave the film four and a half stars. You can read his review here, or you can instead stay on this page and daydream about how dashing George Clooney would look taking the Oath of Office. It might seem absurd, but I bet if he ran as an Independent, he’d pick up a solid eight to ten percent of the vote.

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