After years of speculation and numerous denials, pop legend George Michael finally verified he and longtime partner Kenny Goss have broken up. The couple began dating in 1996, and despite several high profile scandals, had remained together, at least until a few years back. Speaking at the opening of his Symphonica Tour, Michael dedicated the song “Where I Hope You Are” to his former partner, telling the crowd, “"My love life has been a lot more turbulent than I've let on. This man has brought me a lot of joy and a lot of pain."

Several sources close to the situation have said much of the blame for the split can be laid on Goss’ supposed alcoholism. The businessman and gallery owner has reportedly struggled with the bottle for many years, but apparently, the situation got worse or George Michael reached his breaking point. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the singer explained his rationale behind the public reveal by preempting the personal conversation with, “It’s time to be honest.”

In addition to the Goss tribute, Michael also paid homage to deceased singer Amy Winehouse. He’s trumped her work in the voice in the past; so, the gesture was nice, though not altogether surprising.

George Michael has spent years of his life entertaining millions of people. I genuinely hope his personal life sorts itself out. Here’s a look at his video for “Freedom 90”…

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