OK, I've got one for you. How many angry British motorists does it take to awaken a musician from his drug induced stupor? All of them and then some. For the second time in a year British singer George Michael was found hunched over the steering wheel of his car Sunday morning as it idled at a traffic light.

According to a Scotland Yard statement reprinted over at E! Online, police arrived at the scene after frustrated drivers couldn't get past Michael's car. Apparently no amount of horn honking or window rapping could snap George out of his slumber. Maybe he was just making a statement about the tediously long wait times at British intersections?

Alas no. When authorities finally woke Michael they found marijuana in his pockets, though no Ecstasy which was found on him back in February when he was also picked up asleep in the middle of an intersection. After he failed a breathalizer test, they hauled him away to hospital to make sure he wasn't in need of medical attention. He faces charges on suspicion of being unfit to drive and posession of a controlled substance. He'll be expected in court November 20th to face charges. Here's hoping he can stay awake through that. I hear British courts are even sleepier than the ones here in the US.

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