Who needs to be healthy when you can feel good, even if the feelings are completely artificial? Apparently George Michael. The Brit pop-star and former lead singer for Wham! not only stands up for his right to remain high at all times, he's even bold enough to light up on national television.

UK Reuters reports that in an interview with British broadcaster ITV, Michael burnt one off mid-conversation, claiming that the regular habit keeps him "sane and happy". Michael has twice been arrested this year for possession and usage of the drug, and now he's providing recorded evidence of doing it again? He may be happy in a dopey sort of way, but sane the man is not.

The singer does admit in the interview that drug usage can have terrible effects (like falling asleep at the wheel of your car while drunk and stoned [read more about that here]. However, following outcry from anti-drug groups over such a publicized approval of illicit drugs by a celebrity, Michael's doesn't have much to say. His spokesperson has returned all inquiries with "no comment". Well, I'm sure he'll comment eventually, but with all that dope in his system he's probably still trying to come up with something witty.

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