Acclaimed actor Gerard Depardieu, apparently preparing for the role of a stubborn three year old, was escorted off his plane last night for conduct unbecoming of a gentleman. The sixty-two year old’s flight was delayed on the runway when he reportedly asked a stewardess from CityJet if he could use the bathroom. She told him takeoff was about to begin and he would need to wait fifteen minutes. Apparently, this time frame was unacceptable as Depardieu proceeded to whip it out and piss all over the aisle.

According to TMZ, the plane was forced to return to its gate for cleaning, a process that took two hours. Sources who witnessed the incident said the actor appeared intoxicated, but as Depardieu has not yet released a statement, those accusations cannot be confirmed.

What self-respecting man can’t hold a pee for fifteen minutes? It’s obviously frustrating whenever you have to urinate it and the situation doesn’t allow for it, but these things happen. You’ve gotta think about something else, wait for your opportunity and capitalize then. His poor fellow travelers heading from Paris to Dublin had to wait two hours, not to mention watch a sixty-two year old man urinate.

So, all this begs the question: is Depardieu a self-censored actor who doesn’t think the rules of societal decency apply to him or is he an old man to be pitied because he couldn’t hold it? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think….

What The Hell Happened Here?

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