Giuliana Rancic’s husband, Bill, is a man of his word. When Bill and Giuliana spoke out on Today about her breast cancer and opened up about the decision to continue forward with a double mastectomy, Bill said he hoped to get the whole ordeal knocked out by Christmas. Turns out, Rancic will even have some time to recover before the holidays roll around.

Last night, Rancic underwent a drastic double mastectomy procedure to kick out the breast cancer for good. She followed the procedure with a reconstructive surgery. According to her husband, the whole thing took about four hours. Now, E! News is reporting Rancic is doing just great post operation. Her husband also stated the E! News anchorwoman experienced some pain overnight, but that seems to be nothing to worry about.

Indeed, Giuliana seems to be in good spirits, even extending a message to her fans.
"I want to thank all the viewers and fans for their support and prayers. The tweets and notes have not gone unnoticed. I am very grateful."

Recovering from any large procedure can be brutal, and if Rancic is already focused on her fans and image, the surgery either went really well or she’s one hell of a woman. Rancic may not be up and about yet, but it seems like she’s well on her way to recovery. Pop Blend wishes her well during the hectic holidays and hopes she will be fully recovered in no time. She does have some babies to make, after all.

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