Later this year Glenn Beck will no longer be on Fox News. Now he'll pollute another entertainment medium with his conspiracies on “limited government” and “Obama Socialism.” Beck is starting his own publishing company.

Titled Mercury Ink, the television and radio host will be putting his reach into publishing books, which will be a part of his production company Mercury Radio Arts. In a partnership with Simon & Schuster publishing, the shock jock will release their first book by the best-selling author Richard Paul Evans called Michael Vey in August.

In a joint statement made by Glenn Beck and his partner company Simon & Schuster, they explain that Kevin Balfe will be the person who will acquire new books for the publication to print. Balfe is the senior vice president of publishing for the imprint. Beck explains in a statement: “While I have a million book ideas of my own, there are still countless subjects that I know my audience would love to read about but that I just don’t have the ability or expertise to write. That is where Mercury Ink comes in.”

I applaud Beck for trying to dip into something new, but it will be interesting to see what he does with this new medium. Will he continue his crazy crack pot ideologies onto print? Or will stick to his word of publishing those with the 'expertise to write.' Time will tell.

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