It's been more than twenty years since Jim Henson tragically passed away from a bacterial infection, but his work lives on through both his iconic characters and the millions of animators, artists and original minds he inspired. History has been filled with scores of creative geniuses, but none truly basked in the whimsical wonderfulness of difference as much as the creator of The Muppets. From adult-driven comedy on the first season of Saturday Night Live to behind the scenes help with Yoda on The Empire Strikes Back to his creations for Sesame Street, Jim Henson left no avenue unexplored and no strange and brilliant corner of his mind untapped.

On November 23rd, Jason Segel's newest take on the Muppets is set to open on the big screen. If all goes well, the film should expose a new generation to Jim Henson's wonderful vision, but that's not the only tribute to the brilliant puppeteer in the works. For the past few months, Google has been collaborating with The Jim Henson Company to honor what would have been the creator's seventy-fifth birthday. That day has finally arrived, and the partnership has yielded a wonderful and interactive doodle. Take a look at the short video explanation below…

Right now, on Google's front page, the company's logo has been transformed into the six original Muppets seen at the top of the page. Users can toggle back-and-forth between the creations, opening their mouths, shifting their eyes and doing all sorts of other wacky nonsense. At one point, I figured out how to get one of the Muppets to eat one of the other ones, but as I was frantically clicking and swerving, I have no idea how help you recreate the cannibalism. You'll have to work that magic yourself.

Once again, Google has properly honored a fallen legend. Just like its tribute to Freddie Mercury, this one somehow captures the basic spirit of Jim Henson in a short, sweet and easy to use doodle. Apart from running The Rainbow Connection on loop, I can't think of anything more fitting.

We miss you, Jim.

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