I was 13 when Freddie Mercury died. Before his death, I knew of Queen as the band that performed the Flash Gordon theme song, along with some of the other big hits. I admit, I hadn’t yet come to realize what a fantastic performer Mercury was, nor did I have any appreciation for just how well Queen’s music had and would continue to hold up over the years. Nearly twenty years later, I know better. Now, when I find myself in the mood to listen to Queen, nothing else will do. There’s simply no substitute for Freddie Mercury's voice and talent, or Queen’s music.

The U.K. Google page is celebrating Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday with a fantastic little doodle, that’s much more than a doodle. You can check it out by visiting the U.K. Google page today, or you can watch it below. There’s a sort of vintage, pixelated thing going on with the animation as “Don’t Stop Me Now” plays and cartoon Freddie races and rockets around, depicted as a caped and crowned king and the musical superhero he was. Google’s logo and colors are present throughout the video.

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