Hugh Grant has confessed a shady secret from his past - he smuggled rugs from Turkey. The Four Weddings and a Funeral star was returning from a holiday with a girlfriend when they tried to sneak some plush carpets through customs without officials noticing. But they were quizzed by a suspicious officer who found the rugs - and promptly arrested Grant for evading the duty on imported goods.

The actor tells Britain's OK! magazine, "I've been arrested... for smuggling. I smuggled. It was a very long time ago. I was coming back from Turkey with a girlfriend with some rugs. We were such idiots. We came through an airport in the middle of the night and thought no one would check. So we went through (the) 'nothing to declare' (channel), but were stopped. They said: 'We noticed that you had come from Turkey?' And we said yes. They said: 'Would you open that long parcel please?' So I opened it and out came this huge rug. I told him: 'I'm really sorry, I lied.' He said: 'Have you got any more rugs?' I said no. They said: 'Can you open your suitcase.' Boing! 'Can you open that suitcase?' Boing! We had about three or four. We were arrested and fined." (ZN/DSD/LR)

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