Jeff Conaway, best known for his roles in Grease and the television series Taxi has slipped into a coma because of an overdose according to Conaway’s manager. Reported by the Associated Press, the sixty-year-old’s condition is unknown as he lies in a hospital in Encino, California. The name of the hospital was not disclosed, but it’s likely that he is at the Encino Surgical Medical Center off of Ventura Blvd, a ‘popular’ hospital in the Los Angeles area.

The actor appeared in the show Celebrity Rehab where he revealed his addiction to drugs and alcohol; apparently he has been unable to overcome these addictions since the showaired in 2008. While described by his manager as having a “gentle soul” he was noted as being unable to “exorcise his demons”. Conaway has recently done mostly voice-work, including narrating a couple of animated Dante’s Inferno shorts starting in 2010.

There is a distinct possibility that the overdose came from pain pills, which appeared to be the actor's drug of choice based on his Celebrity Rehab stint. Little information was released, and because Conaway is not exactly an A-Lister these days, it's possible not much information will be released until he wakes up, or... well, doesn't.

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