Oh the irony. Gwyneth Paltrow flaunts her skinnier-than-thou frame at a Food Bank for New York City's Can-Do Awards. And yes, that’s the awards’ real name.

The New York Daily New's Lloyd Grove reports in his Lowdown column that not only has our Gwynnie had another baby, she’s lost all the weight to look slimmer than ever. Grove even describes her as being “lithe”. Kapow, take that, real world moms. "Last time you saw me, I was out to here," said Gwynnie to her friends. Now Grove reports her stomach is perfectly flat.

Not only that, she was manicured, pedicured and had gotten brand new highlights. Wow, how wonderful for Gwynnie. Every new mother across America must be so thrilled for her.

But concerned overweight women across the nation don’t have to fret about the possibility of millions of anorexic young girls binging and purging to keep up with Gwynnie. According to Grazia magazine, she wears a special girdle to keep her waist cinched in. After having her daughter Apple, now two, Gwyneth confessed: "I wore two girdles! It's a great trick. That's how all the Hollywood girls do it. 'There are these great things called Spanx, which are like bike shorts, and they just squeeze you in. It's terrific.”

Terrific indeed. How terrific it must feel to have one's abdomen squashed flat just after giving birth.

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