Hackers occupy a weird role in today’s society; looked at occasionally as heroes, and often as villains, their smarts are only enhanced by their “I just don’t give a damn” attitude. And while not every hacker is Neo, or that girl Lex from Jurassic Park, they are a breed of person that captivates the mind because of their mastery of electronic devices. They also possess the ability to instill fear and hatred, as we all witnessed when a hacker group stole a slew of personal information from Sony because one of their buddies got banned.

This same group of Internet-gang-bangers has declared war on Facebook because of the lack of privacy granted to its’ users. This may seem ironic because this same group, ‘Anonymous’, stole credit card information from thousands of people earlier this year; but hey, maybe irony isn’t their strong suit. The group made a video in which they threaten to ‘destroy Facebook’ on November 5th; which you may remember as Guy Fawkes day, thanks to that lovely rhyme by one Hugo Weaving in V For Vendetta. The Daily Mail has the story, including this message that was transcribed from the video:
'If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill Facebook for the sake of your own privacy.

'Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world.'

'Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook regardless of your "privacy" settings, and deleting your account is impossible.

'Even if you "delete" your account, all your personal info stays on Facebook and can be recovered at any time.

'Facebook knows more about you than your family. You cannot hide from the reality in which you, the people of the internet, live in.

'People are being raped, tickled, molested, and confused into doing things where they don't understand the consequences.
I’ve never really understood the privacy freak out when it comes to Facebook. What information are you giving them that you don’t want anyone to know? Your birthday? Your gender? Your sexuality? Really? If there’s something you want to keep private - don’t put it on the Internet. What do you all think about these hacktivist threats? Will they come through? And more importantly, should they? Check out the full video below and share your thoughts.

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