Americans are celeb crazy. I know, I read and possibly write on celeb culture every day, but there’s a fine line between dedicating hours to spreading news or catching up on the latest gossip and breaking laws to get closer to your celeb crush. Continuing the recent string of stalkers gone mad, a man attempted to get a sneak peek at Halle Berry.

Halle Berry, the Oscar-winning actress in the middle of a custody battle for her daughter, already has enough to worry about without this nutcase about town. Hollywood Gossip reports that problems started this weekend when Berry spotted a man creeping in the front yard. Guests of Berry’s went outside to confront the intruder, but he fled the scene. Cops were summoned, but the individual was long gone. She spotted him again on Sunday, only this time, he was staring back at her through a kitchen window with a book in his hand. Despite the efforts of police, the man is still on the loose.

Other ladies who have had stalker infestations in the past include Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, two ladies who are young, frolicking about town and frequently appear on the cover of magazines. They're two girls who could probably use a break from the media spotlight, but they have to live in fear of a home invasion by a pervert. Berry is different: she is an actress, who despite her efforts to remain low-key, frequently ends up in the same celeb magazines from the work of the dreaded Paparazzi. She has a young daughter, and now has to worry about possible child abduction from a stranger. Also, this is not the first time Berry has had to deal with a stalker. Back in 2004, the actress had to get a restraining order against another man. When does it end?

UPDATE: The creep has been caught! LA Times reports a man in his mid-twenties has apprehended Monday night for trespassing on Berry’s property. Security guards were stationed at the house and quickly nabbed the suspect before anymore damage was done. They're about to slap him with a stalking felony charge.

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